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by tek10
23 May 2014 00:50
Forum: Testing Zone
Topic: SolydX Business Edition [CLOSED]
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Re: SolydX Business Edition

SolydX BE is a great idea! I'd prefer to install the X version on business desktops vs the K version. It also looks like a great way to introduce new users to Linux. I've been trying it out for a couple hours and it certainly seems ready to make it official. I'll continue to use it and see if I unco...
by tek10
14 Aug 2013 01:44
Forum: News & Anouncements
Topic: UP 2013.08.06 12:00 UTC [PRODUCTION] [DONE]
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Re: UP 2013.08.06 12:00 UTC

Like Tzirconia posted, when I completed the up, the Solydxk-conky package wasn't installed. However when I searched in Synaptic the package was found and easily installed. Simple to configure and looks great!
by tek10
30 Jul 2013 02:01
Forum: Introduce yourself
Topic: Hello from New Mexico
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Hello from New Mexico

I tried out the live dvd of SolydK for a couple days and really liked it. I decided to install as my primary OS on my desktop. I have been using Linux Lite on my laptop for the past 8 weeks, dual booting with Windows 7, and recently find myself mostly using Linux. My son and I have been looking for ...

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