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Forum Rules, Guidelines, and Policy

Postby Arjen Balfoort » 28 Jan 2013 12:37

The main rule is: be polite, be helpful.

For those who need a more lengthy description:

Section I - General Rules
  • Respect the Forum Staff
    All of the forum staff are volunteers and offer their free time to keep the forum running smoothly. Any decision made by an administrator or moderator is final and should be respected.
    Do not argue with Staff directly in a thread; if you wish to discuss an issue, contact through e-mail or PM (Private Message).
  • Do not be Offensive or Abusive
    This includes usernames, signatures, avatars, PMs, and posts.
    Any offensive material, such as swear words or derogatory terms, is prohibited. Hate speech, as defined as an attack on religion, race, nationality, sexual orientation, or any other self-identifiable group, is not tolerated.
    Adult content, including obscenity and pornography are not allowed
    Censoring a swear word by substituting a letter with an asterisk symbol "*", or using acronyms that contain a swear word is considered swearing.
    Messages that personally attack or call people names is considered abuse. These are sometimes referred to as "flame" posts.
    Messages that contain sensitive religious or political topics may be removed on the basis of inciting far too emotional and personal debate.
  • No SPAM or Advertisements
    This includes posts, in a signature, or with the personal website field.

    - Spammer accounts will be deleted. SPAM accounts are made "for the sole purpose of providing information about and/or links to commercial websites or other advertisements".
    - You can have links to your site or blog in a signature, as long as it's legal and not offensive to the forum users.
    - If your link represent the site of a (commercial) organisation, you can contact us or we will get in contact with you to suggest a partnership or to remove your link from your signature or post. If the agreement doesn't result in a partnership and the link is not removed from signature or post, the account will be deleted.

    Do not respond to spam, simply report it and allow it to be dealt with.
  • No Illegal Material
    Any requests for help pertaining to illicit computer activities is prohibited and will not be supported (i.e., piracy, malicious hacking). Requesting, distributing, or linking illegal material is forbidden.
  • Do not Troll
    Trolling consists of messages that contain an apparent foolish contradiction of common knowledge, being deliberately sarcastic to the user(s) of the forum, or a broad request for trivial follow-up messages. It serves no purpose other than the enjoyment of the troll.
  • No Dangerous Commands
    Suggesting commands that could harm or destroy another user's system, even in jest, is strictly off-limits.
Section II - Technical Guidelines
  • Search Before Posting
    Search the SolydXK forums and Google for questions before posting.
  • New Questions Deserve New Threads
    Do not add new questions to existing threads, start your own instead! This will make it easier for other members to provide support. This includes hijacking, do not ask unrelated questions in a user's existing support thread.
    Do not resurrect support threads older than 6 months, outdated information can cause issues with newer releases.
  • Consider Which Forum Section To Post
    Posting to specific sections can make it easier for others to provide assistance and for future searches. For example, if you are having a specific software issue, post to "Software and Applications" section instead of "Newbie Questions".
  • Be concise and use Informative Titles
    State your problem in a concise manner and avoid complicated language. Remember that most of the forum users are non-English speakers. Use a title that is specific. Do not use titles such as, "HELP ME!!!" or "solydXK fails". Instead, make titles that define the problem in a clear and concise manner such as, "Kernel Panic: Wifi Intel 3945AGN". A clear title will attract more views to the thread.
  • Details! Details! Details!
    Include the version and architecture (32-bit, 64-bit) of SolydXK.
    List any relevant hardware or software specifications. 'inxi' is a useful terminal command for listing hardware, use inxi -h for a full listing of identification. To provide a full output of your hardware, type the following in terminal:

    Code: Select all

    inxi -Fc 0
    List what Display Environment you are using if relevant (GNOME, KDE, XFCE, LXDE, etc).
    If you have output errors, list them in their entirety.
  • Use Default Font Size and Colors
    Use of bold and italic can help convey meaning in a post - but use them sparingly and with cause.
    Please don't use coloured text
    Refrain from using <CAPS> lock on posts - it gives one the impression the user is screaming.
    Avoid jargon and slang, speak in plain language.
  • Do Not Cross-Post
    Do not create identical threads across multiple forum sections. Cross-posting creates unnecessary work for community users by separating potential answers and solutions - do not do it.
  • Indicate Solved Threads
    When an issue has been resolved for you, please edit the original post to include <SOLVED> in the title. This provides a good indicator for users with a similar problem to check out the thread. Please make sure the solution that worked for you is clearly indicated, especially if more than one solution has been proposed. If your solution came from outside the forum then describe it or post a link to it. Following these simple instructions will help other users find success solving similar problems.
  • Bumping
    Posting one word to bump a thread is generally discouraged. Try to research the problem and be patient for a solution. If nobody has responded within 48 hours, you may bump the thread to promote attention.
    To bump a thread, scroll to the bottom of the topic and click Bump Topic, by Board Index, Subscribe Topic, and Bookmark Topic.
  • Report Bad Posts
    The forum staff cannot moderate every single post and message, it is inevitable that some inappropriate posts are missed. If you see a post in violation of the SolydXK Forum Rules, please report it. Threads can be reported by clicking the exclamation mark "!" on the option buttons of a post.
  • We've All Been Green
    We have all been a newbie to GNU/Linux. Some users are harder to help than others, but remain respectful.
    Assume a user is green unless otherwise certain. Provide detailed instructions and avoid technical jargon, slang, and procedures we take for granted.
    If you are unsure of your instructions, or the instructions carry a risk - tell the user this.
  • Private Message (PM)
    Do not PM or e-mail forum members for support questions without prior consent. Those who help do so in their free time, and prefer to respond to threads of choice rather than being singled out.
Section III - Forum Staff Policy
SolydXK Team
  • Banning
    All users in direct violation of the General Rules will be given warnings where necessary. In extreme cases, such as messages containing hate speech or pornography, the user may be banned without further notice.
  • Dealing with Spam
    A user account will be deleted if demonstrably created for the sole purpose of posting spam message(s). These accounts show links to commercial websites in the signature and/or personal website field, with little or nonsensical forum participation.
    If you have a question concerning what is acceptable, ask a Staff member.
    When an active forum member adds a commercial website link (charges a fee for services or sells a product), it is considered spam. In a case like this the member is sent a PM requesting the link be removed. If it is not removed within a reasonable time, the forum Administrator will globally edit the member's signature and remove the link. Only if the member persists in replacing the spam link after all of this will he or she be banned.
  • Editing / Removing Posts
    Posts in violation of the General Rules can be edited at a moderator's discretion. Whether posts are edited or removed, a warning will be issued. If posts are removed, a copy shall be held in the Staff archive. Persistent non-compliance with the General Rules will lead to a ban.
  • Locking / Removing Threads
    If a thread develops where those involved become too personally involved, in cases of heated and stirred debate, trolling, etc - the thread may be locked without further notice at a moderator's discretion. Warnings will be given when appropriate. When threads are removed, a copy shall be placed in the Staff archive.
    Cross-posting identical threads in different forum sections will result in deletion of the copied threads, or with the threads being merged.
  • Moving Threads / Splitting Threads
    Threads may be moved to more appropriate sections when necessary, do not be offended!
    Posts may be split from a thread and given their own place where applicable.
  • If you have a concern with an individual operator, or believe you have been treated unfairly (i.e., banned from a channel without cause), keep a log (record) handy. Contact [][/url] with a description of the incident, and any pertinent logs or information.
  • Any unwanted and persisting private messages (PMs) requests to Operator's, or any other user, will result in removal from the SolydXK channels. We understand mistakes happen, and one will be sufficiently informed and warned before removal from the channels is considered.

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