[RSS] SolydXK 201807 released

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[RSS] SolydXK 201807 released

Postby Arjen Balfoort » 02 Jul 2018 13:36

The new 201807 ISOs were released. These are some of the highlights:
  • Firefox's default configuration has been further restricted and the provided plugins Privacy Badger, HTTPS Everywhere and uBlock Origin help to improve your privacy.
  • These restrictions were also implemented for Thunderbird.
  • AppArmor is now installed by default. This will improve security by binding access control attributes to programs rather than to users.
  • All SolydXK applications now use pkexec to get elevated permissions.
  • Many new features and bugs were solved in our SolydXK applications.

You can download the ISOs from our community site: https://solydxk.com/downloads
Do not forget to verify your download before you use it.

Enjoy this new release!

The SolydXK Team

Source: https://solydxk.com/news/solydxk-201807-released

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