Checksum does not match !

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Checksum does not match !

Postby penguin » 02 Feb 2020 10:10

Hi to all.

Just downloaded a copy of Solydk_10

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but checksum bd1ffce45ff6ec2288407770e62c2ffa91ccd3c53c84fab3af46ee360f3f8c62 (sha256) does not match.

I downloaded a nighty build :

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but checksum daa847df54da688acf1776baf6eb62a35737536e22deed3edb8298505cde9580 (sha256) does not match.

Can someone check this issue ?
Thanks for your effort and time.

Sorry bother all, but seems strange. After a while, I rechecked and this time Dolphin confirmed that checksum match( for nightly build).I am using this moment Netrunner with KDE 5.14.5.

I need to re download Solydk_10 from this address

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to verify another time checksum.

A friendly advice. I spend a lot of minutes in Registration Form, to understand that words began with 'C' was Community. Guess how difficulty could be this puzzle for one that has limitations/difficulties of English.

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Re: Checksum does not match !

Postby Arjen Balfoort » 02 Feb 2020 10:55

I have downloaded and checked both ISOs and the checksums were correct.

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