Empty Notifications Panel [SOLVED]

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Empty Notifications Panel [SOLVED]

Postby FuzzyJ » 22 Mar 2019 02:20

The Notifications panel located in the taskbar always indicates "No Notifications".

According to Information in Notifications Settings - Plasma, the radio buttons for both "Show application and system notifications" and "Track file transfers and other jobs" are activated.

Configuring various Event Sources in Event Notifications and Actions (eg: "Show a message in a popup" and/or "Mark taskbar entry" do not make any difference.

How can the system configured to populate the Notification panel?

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Re: Empty Notifications Panel

Postby Arjen Balfoort » 22 Mar 2019 17:11

I'm sorry I cannot reproduce that. If I copy a large file (an ISO) to my NAS the notification icon shows the progress. Application developers decide whether or not to use the notification icon.

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Re: Empty Notifications Panel

Postby FuzzyJ » 23 Mar 2019 03:36

We may talk about a different scenario here; I am not very technical, so please bear with me.

Before moving to SolydK, I used Mint KDE, Maui, Neon and until recently Netrunner 19.01.

Mint KDE and Maui will/is become obsolete and Neon is too 'cutting edge'. Although very well supported, Netrunner is a bit too unstable for my liking which admittedly is exacerbated due to my technical limitations.

When clicking on the encircled exclamation mark icon located in the taskbar, a panel (window) will pop-up indicating "No new notifications", in fact there are never any notifications displayed in this particular panel (window).
Sometimes notifications pop-up in a different panel (window) but disappear within a second or so. If one is focused on a different task one might not be able to read this notification in its entirety or miss it completely.

I noticed this in Mint KDE, Maui, Neon and now SolydK.

However in Netrunner this particular panel (window) populates itself indicating many tasks such as date/time connecting to network etc.. If one misses the pop-up notification one can always click onto the encircled exclamation mark icon located in the taskbar and read the notification - it's up to the user to either keep or remove these notifications manually.

As mentioned in my previous post, my attempt for configuring "Event Notifications and Actions..." in SolydK failed.

Since both Netrunner 19.01 and SolydK are relatively new systems (but have different Debian versions) I just was wondering if this particular KDE software (Notifications) in SolydK could be configured similar to the Netrunner KDE "Notifications".

I did some more digging and found out that KDE Plasma Version 5.14.3 does include a 'history of notifications'.

Prior versions do not seem to have this option.

There is a 'Full Notifications KDE 5 Applet' available at KDE Store which I added to the Widgets. It works very well with KDE Plasma Version 5.8.6,

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