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Trouble encountered with KDE taskbar leads to 2 questions -- SOLVED

Posted: 17 Jan 2020 18:51
by UncleSam
How to remove a blank panel ?
Today, while playing with my KDE taskbar, I right-mouse-clicked and opened Panel options....Add panel+...Empty Panel and got two blank panels, one horizontal panel at the top of my screen, and one vertical panel on the left of my screen. How do I get rid of them ?

Here is what I was trying to do:
I have gotten into the habit of starting okular from a shell like so:

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$okular path/to/filename.pdf &
However, sometimes the KDE window manager does not play nicely with okular's viewport. Which means I cannot see it (the okular instance) on my screen. Sometimes I cannot even find its viewport after downsizing all other open viewports.

So today I was trying to create an icon on my taskbar which, when left-mouse-clicked, would open okular immediately without having to open a shell first. Today I was reading a technical paper in okular that had many terms I did not know. So I kept flipping back and forth between the technical paper and firefox-esr, so I could look up
the words I did not know on the web.

Does anybody know how to make okular work this way? If not, then I will simply pkill okular when I can't find it.

Re: Trouble encountered with KDE taskbar leads to 2 questions

Posted: 17 Jan 2020 19:06
by ilu
Regarding panel: Ther should be an option to remove the panel at the same spot where you added it. Look around, I'm sure it's there. Since I'm using XFCE I can't tell you where exactly.

Regarding okular: You should be able to start okula from the menu or - if its set as standard - just by double clicking a pdf file. Opening it via terminal is possible but not the intended way.

Re: Trouble encountered with KDE taskbar leads to 2 questions -- SOLVED

Posted: 17 Jan 2020 20:26
by UncleSam
Ah, yes, finally, I found a way in KDE to delete the blank panel.
L-mouse-click panel
R-mouse click panel...Configure Panel... More Settings...Remove panel
It worked! YAY! Thank you, ilu.

Regarding okular: I started okular from the KDE window menu K....
Graphics....Okular, and then opened a .pdf file using a dialog box.
Then I minimized okular's viewport. At that point, a red icon popped
up on the "running processes" icon section (half the size of the taskbar
height) of the KDE taskbar. I dragged the red icon onto the blank section
of the taskbar above the icon that looks like an exclamation mark.
Now I have a red icon on the taskbar that starts a new instance of okular
when I click it. That is exactly what I wanted. Just took me awhile to
remember how I did it with kicad. I think my brain needs more sunlight.
Thanks, again, ilu, for helping me solve these two issues.