Grub is installed and updated, but doesn't start the system

Questions about SolydX and SolydK installation.
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Re: Grub is installed and updated, but doesn't start the system

Postby ilu » 22 Oct 2019 12:11

I'm almost sure that all the "grub doesn't boot" problems are on older systems with the old folder names which we had to change this to comply with standards needed for secure boot. I already linked to that change viewtopic.php?f=5&t=7649#p71258.

You can fix this with efibootmanager or probably even with just a live system - I know I did but I can't tell you how because I don't have an EFI system at hand atm. Have look at this post: viewtopic.php?f=43&t=7565#p71316 with an explanation how to get it to work. I'm also reasonably sure that a reinstall will fix it.

Arjen, maybe the update script needs a warning about older EFI installs.

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Re: Grub is installed and updated, but doesn't start the system

Postby Tuna130 » 23 Oct 2019 16:31

Thank you for your help. I have been ofline a while, because I completely bricked my NUC5i5. I am not saying this was caused by the udate to Buster, nor by any of the EFI boot issues. There probably was a hardware issue at play.

Chain of events as follows. I went into the BIOS settings to see if I was entirely in EFI mode. I was not, both EFI and Legacy boot were enabled. In the help text Intel expains that if EFI is detected that will get preference, else Legacy boot. I then disabled Legacy boot, saved and rebooted. Ever since, I have been completely in the dark about what happened, mostly because the screen shows black. There is no video output on either HDMI or DP. I could not ssh from a laptop in the same LAN, but not sure if sshd was re-enabled after the upgrade to Buster. Recovery BIOS upgrade with jumper setting on main board was succesfull, and surprisingly I got text output to screen during flashing. After reboot back into darkness, not even the intel logo or the access to BIOS settings. Booting into live os from usb didn't shine any light on the issue either: no screen. I fear something overheated and burned. I'll replace the cpu fan when it comes in from China, but I don't expect much of it. Movin on to a new SolydX box.

Keep up the good work, go Solyd!

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