Good bye to the flash plugin?

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Good bye to the flash plugin?

Postby Snap » 17 Nov 2014 09:46 ... px=MTg0MTg

If Firefox finally supports html5 (it already does) and H.264 built-in (not yet) we should be able to get rid of flash. And in a single blow also forgetting about the absence of ffmpeg in Debian and the Gstreamer support in order to replace flash. FF should do it on its own. Hope this is true. Chromium already does it but it's not the default SolydXK browser (and I don't like it either :mrgreen: )
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Re: Good bye to the flash plugin?

Postby Deleted User 2764 » 17 Nov 2014 14:44

Problem is that some sites refuse to give up flash. For example, in order to get my pay stubs, I log in online to PayChex and get them from there. They use flash only. They did make some big changes so one could get them via mobile but that's a pain to find a mobile device that actually can use their app and then transfer the paystub to my computer. I wish they would do away with flash on the desktop.

I have flashblock enabled in firefox and you wouldn't believe (maybe youl would) the sites that use flash! :roll: Still.

So while there may be less support of it in browsers, etc. I wonder how long sites will realize that they have to drop flash instead of telling people who can't access their site that they "have to 'upgrade' to a browser that supports flash or turn on flash support in their browser"? Sure for lesser sites it's just a matter of not needing to go there. But even most important sites where you absolutely need to go there and get important information. That's the problem.

Seems like the browser folks and the webmasters are playing chicken with each other over this at the expense of the visitors.

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Re: Good bye to the flash plugin?

Postby kbd » 18 Nov 2014 22:28

Flash seems to be dying a very slow death.The sooner gone the better.

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Re: Good bye to the flash plugin?

Postby Mefisto » 04 Dec 2014 09:10

kbd wrote:Flash seems to be dying a very slow death.The sooner gone the better.
Way ? I need flash to work with me bank, i can not mis that, in the beginning of Linux Flash was normal, also the Nvidia and other software... Now, it sould die? If thats gonna happen more and more users gonna choose an othet OS i think.
NOT good at all for many users.
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