KMyMoney Segmentation Fault [SOLVED]

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Re: KMyMoney Segmentation Fault

Postby zerozero » 02 Jun 2014 21:38

UHFFF!!! :lol:
good to know we nailed it (with everyone's cooperation :geek: )


may, 7th is a very special birthday's date.
it's mine as well ;) :lol:
bliss of ignorance

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Re: KMyMoney Segmentation Fault

Postby RichLobo » 02 Jun 2014 23:25

Happy Belated Birthday to zerozero! 8-)

You have a few years to go to catch up to me though. When I was born Winston Churchill was the PM, FDR was the POTUS, and Adolph Hitler was Reich Führer und das Arschloch von Deutschland. (don't look it up, it's dirty)

Also, my dad was 30 days away from a little walk on the beaches of Normandy... Oh those were the days!

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