Cannot get cron/gnome schedule etc. to work

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Cannot get cron/gnome schedule etc. to work

Postby sxphild » 13 Mar 2020 16:42

I have tried for years to get cron to work on my solydX
install - using a Dell 1525, with 4GB ram, SolydX 201701.

It fails every time. I tried Gnome Schedule ( but that is a GUI
for cron..). Fails as well. I don't think it is the laptop, since
I can easily get scheduling done using PScheduleOnTime on
Puppy Linux...but I almost never use Puppy...
I have tried many online tutorials, step-by-step things, but none
of them work either....

I had given up, and started to write node scripts that watch the
clock, and execute at a certain time...but would prefer to use

Is this situation an O/S matter?

Any help is appreciated, thanks,

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Re: Cannot get cron/gnome schedule etc. to work

Postby ilu » 13 Mar 2020 18:29

I'm wondering why ... I'm sure it is not the laptop. And there are already cron jobs running on our system.

What exactly did you try to do with cron? And how did it fail? Copy/paste error messages please.

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