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Postby ilu » 27 Sep 2018 01:28

I think SolydXK should include the fediverse in its communication channels - easiest would be via a mastodon instance - the free equivalent to twitter. You don't tweet, you toot.

I can't really recommend a server, though. Best would be someone you have a relation to - I don't know the people whose server I'm on but I know people who know people ... kind of. is the biggest with 240.000 users and closed for sign-up. are 50.000. Both would be too many for my liking. Dutch servers seem all to be under 500 members. If posting in Dutch is necessary the choice will probably be rather limited.

Maybe look for a server with a nice URL? Not something ending on .porn or worse, obviously. Having a look at the servers Code of Conduct before joining ensures not to show up next to controversial content (f.e. lolicon).

Some technical stuff about Mastodon/Twitter:

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