Confused about localization

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Confused about localization

Postby vinipl87 » 06 Feb 2014 00:31

Not really a SolydXK exclusive question, but anyway, here it goes:

When I installed SolydK using Brazilian Portuguese locale (pt-BR), I noticed various applications, mainly kde-specific ones, with lots of expressions written on Portugal’s portuguese.
I got surprised since I remember experiencing a fully pt-BR KDE some years ago, so I decided to check out some other distros, just to assure if my mind wasn't tricking me. Here is what I found:
- I can get a mixed Portuguese (Portugal and Brazilian) desktop on Debian Wheezy (KDE 4.8), Fedora 20 (KDE 4.11), SolydK UP201311 (KDE 4.11), SolydK UP201401 (KDE 4.12)
- I can get a full Brazilian Portuguese desktop on Kubuntu 13.10 (KDE 4.11), Mageia 4 (KDE 4.11), openSUSE 13.1 (KDE 4.11)

Personally, I don’t mind using my system or even individual applications either in American English or Brazilian Portuguese, which are the languages I'm literate at. But mixing regional derivations and facing weird expressions pops up and bugs me out, so I'm inclined to fall back to an English installation.
Still, I would be glad to see a full pt-BR SolydK so I can proudly recommend and brag about :mrgreen:

So, what’s happening here? Am I missing something or It’s just that those latter distros I mentioned offer pt-BR localized packages but never upstreamed their (redundant) work? Is there a technical implication preventing them to do so or I could just go bother them hoping one day they start upstreaming? :roll:

SolydK all the way

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