For anyone who wants to program in C

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For anyone who wants to program in C

Postby Deleted User 2764 » 08 Oct 2015 20:22

I don't know if any of you would find this useful or not but thought I'd share:

Extended String Functions for GNU C Compiler:

This is a project I was doing in C (gcc compiler, plain C - I'm not sure but I Think K & R flavor or ANSI C, but definitely NOT C++).

It's a header file that provides 22 functions for handling strings and arrays. I've tested it on my Linux system and even ran Valgrind Memory Check and the functions are all good; no memory leaks or errors.

Note that the documentation (Doc.html) is raw HTML code. You'd have to download (zip download button on bottom right) it and open it in your web browser. There's an online version in the Wiki (link on the right). I don't know why GitHub shows pure raw HTML code for html files in the files list but it just does it that way.

This is the first time I ever made anything useful in C and actually completed it! :) I put it up on GitHub public so others can fork the project, add it to theirs, improve on it and even request I pull their improvements and merge it into my project if I want to. I know I didn't used to like GitHub because I was having so many troubles getting things to work and update from Eclipse. But now I'm going about it differently, using git-cola GUI instead. I put my notes in Schoelje's git tutorial topic.

This project is complete and ready to use. Just download the extstrings.h and include it in your C program. The documentation (Wiki or Doc.html) gives information on how to use, and there's a demo.c that demonstrates each function (you can compile that and run it).

I'm proud of myself for actually getting this all done! :) I did have some help learning things from folks at but that was just learning how things work. I didn't take anyone's code. I wrote all my own code based on my own experiments and what I learned of how things work.

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